We help you connect with your local recycler in a new way We partner with and train professional kabadiwalas, or scrap shop entrepreneurs, who recycle all dry waste. Your Recycle Guru will confirm your collection request through an application on his smart phone. This request is tracked until he arrives at your doorstep to collect the material. Recycle Gurus will arrive with an electronic scale to collect segregated dry waste. They will input this data into their smart phone application. Recycle Gurus will pay you or your staff the market price for your materials. We encourage you to donate your materials to your Recycle Guru or a local charity. Through this service, you can track all the materials that you have recycled. You can begin to see the impacts of your actions. Our service has been design to collect both low and high value waste and to help you with difficult to recycle materials. This collection fits into the current recycling and processing system.